Leinster Orienteering Championships 2020/21


Welcome to the official site of the 2020/21 Leinster Orienteering Championships, October 3rd, 2021.

Final Information

Start Lists

Start list by Club

Start list by Time

Start list by Class

If anyone wishes to change their start time, please make the request by 10pm on Friday 1st October via the club email


From the M1. Take the N52 exit and continue on to the R132. Turn right on to the R174 and follow the road to Lumpers Bar. Turn left just before the bar. From the N1. Take exit 19 and continue on to the R174. Follow the road to Lumpers Bar. The event will be signposted from the R174 turn off from the R132


Hopefully we will get decent weather for LOC 2020/21, but showers are promised. Please remember to bring a cagoule just in case- you will be running on open mountain. Whistles are obligatory. A few whistles will be on sale at the assembly for 2 euro.

SI Air will NOT be enabled.

Access, exit and parking

The roads through Ballymakellett forest are narrow, and two cars cannot pass each other by. As a result, a one-way system will be in operation. No vehicle will be permitted to enter the forest after 12.30pm and no vehicle will be permitted to leave before 12.40pm with no exceptions. The distance between the entrance to the forest and the assembly is 3.5km. Parking will also be limited so please follow the directions of the parking attendants.

Parking ----- 100m ---- Assembly.

Assembly ---- 400m ---- Finish.

Assembly ---- 550m ---- Start.

Covid 19

All competitors taking part must agree to follow by the IOA participants Code-of-Conduct regulations. Prevailing government advice is that at-risk groups should use their own judgement about participating in sporting events. Please make sure you have filled out your Covid declaration form before the event. Hand sanitiser will be available at the Start and Download areas. If you haven't sent the form, it is available here: COVID FORM


There will be no prize ceremony this year, and each club should select someone to collect prizes for club members. Prizes will also be available for collection from a member of Fingal at the next two events.

Control descriptions

Don't forget to print off control descriptions which are available as a pdf in the course information section. All details about courses are available in that section. There will be no loose control descriptions. They are on the map.


Two portaloos will be available for use at the assembly area.


Dogs are not allowed in the event or assembly areas as sheep roam both in the forest and on Carnawaddy mountain.


A big thank you to Tommy Burke, the planner of this very long in the planning event! Thanks also to Shane Lynch, the controller, to Val Jones and Lauren Murphy who worked on the website, and to Ciaran Young for putting the start time list together. Thanks also to all the Fingal members who have agreed to help put out controls over the weekend and to help out on the day.

And thanks to all participants for your patience!!

Government Covid 19 advice website here

Irish Orienteering Association Participants Code Of Conduct website here:


In line with government guidelines, spectators are not permitted at this event.


There will be prizes for the top three finishers in each category. If none of the top three finishers are eligible to be Leinster champion, there will also be a prize for the Leinster champion in any given category.

Eligibility to be Leinster champion in any age category is dependent on the competitor being a member of a registered Leinster IOA club. The competitor must also be an Irish citizen or resident in Ireland for six of the previous twelve months, (IOA competition Rule 2.4).

In addition to these prizes, four perpetual trophies will be awarded to the Leinster champions in the following categories: Women's elite, men's elite, W35 and W18. This year, however, there will be no presentation of prizes at the event. Instead, arrangements will be made to give prizes to one person from each club at the end of the day who can then pass them on to winners from their club. Clubs should nominate one person to collect the prizes. If no-one from an individual club is present at the end of the event, they will also be available for collection at the next Fingal event.

Reigning champions

Women's Elite: Roisin Long
Men's Elite: Colm Hill
W35: Sarah Ní Ruairc
W18: Cliodhna Donaghy

Start, finish and download

Starts are between 10.30am and 1.00pm. Start lists will be available at registration. The start area is 550m from the assembly area. There is no need to visit registration unless you are collecting rented SIs or dropping off keys. Please aim to arrive at the start area just 5 minutes before your start time so as to avoid congregating. The finish is 400m away from the assembly and download area. No split printouts will be given this year. Please make sure that you download after completing the course.

Control descriptions

Control descriptions will be on the map, however, there will be no loose descriptions available at the event. A link is on the Course Information page to download and print a pdf of the control descriptions.


Keys can be placed in a box in individual slots at the registration area.

Maps at Finish

Maps must be placed in a club bag after completing the course. A nominated person from each club should collect the bag of maps at the end of the event for redistribution to club members at a later date.


Phone: Bernie Sharkey 085 7282268


Map Scale is 1:10000 for all courses. The contour interval is 5m. Most courses will be on A4 size paper but some longer courses will be on A3 paper. The first survey of Carnawaddy was carried out by Padraig Higgins and Val Jones in 2004/2005. The map has been updated by Val Jones since then, with the most recent update in the winter of 2019/2020 based on lidar.


There is no need to come to Registration unless you need to collect or change an SI card: you can go directly to the start. Registration and download, etc will be at the assembly area in Ballymakellet Forest.


Participants are asked not to gather in groups at the assembly area, and to socially distance when arriving and downloading. Refreshments will not be available unfortunately this year. Clubs are also asked not to bring club tents to the assembly area.


The competition area is out of bounds to orienteers until after their run.


The Leinster Orienteering Championships 2020/2021 is organised under the rules and policies of the Irish Orienteering Association


Competitors should note that all results will be published on including name, class, club, place and split times.


As orienteering is an adventure sport, you are primarily responsible for your own safety when taking part in this event.

All participants must abide by prevailing government restrictions with regard to Covid 19.

Hand sanitiser will be available at enquiries, the start area and download. Participants are also advised to bring their own sanitiser.

A No whistle No run rule will be enforced. Participants will be expected to give aid as required when hearing the whistle. The internationally recognised distress signal is six blasts of the whistle with a 1 minute break, and then repeated. The reply to the signal is 3 blasts followed by a 1 minute break, and repeated.

Waterproof jackets, (cagoules) may be required on the day, depending on the weather. Please remember to bring one with you. A notice will be posted in the assembly area if a cagoule is required.

All participants must download when finishing, regardless of whether the course was completed or not. If a participant fails to download, the organisers will have to implement search and rescue procedures.

First aid will be provided by a local first aid organisation and will be available at the assembly area.


Please do not leave litter behind.