Orienteering Basics

What is Orienteering?.

Using a map to navigate around a preset course, or trail, which is marked out by checkpoints. It usually takes place in forests, parks, or open hillside.

Who can do it?.

Anyone!. There are usually courses of varying lengths on offer, usually ranging from 2 to 10 kilometres. You can pick the course that best suits you. Start with a short course and only move up to a longer course if you feel it was too easy. You don't have to be fit, or good at navigation to try it out - although the top orienteers run long distances over rough terrain at speed, many families and groups enjoy orienteering as a Sunday walk in the outdoors.

What else should I know.

Orienteering usually takes place on Sundays around the Dublin/Wicklow area. You can enter at most events on the morning (between 11am - 1pm) and buy your map. The usual price for adults is €5, with reduced prices for juniors, students, and families. It's recommended that you wear clothing appropriate for the outdoors, rain jacket and strong footwear, and expect to get them mucky! Also bring some dry clothes to change into afterwards, at least a change of shoes and socks.
Events are usually signposted from the nearest town or main road. Look out for luminous green signs