Fingal Maps and Mapping Projects

Dún a Rí, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

Dun A Ri map

Dún a Rí is our earliest map which Fingal inherited from Trim Orienteers when they amalgamated with us in 1993. The main section of the map is a very nice mature forest with a picnic area, deer enclosure, and wildlife area, with several walks marked out. It was mapped in 1988 and first used by Trim Orienteers for a Leinster Relay Championships. The survey was by Pat Healy and P. Callaghan and it was drawn by Justin May. The map was redrawn in OCAD and resurveyed by Tom Burke, and Dónal Ó'Murchú of CNOC and Heimo Poyry from Finland, and has since been resurveyed and updated for an army event by Pádraig Higgins. We have since used it succesfully for League events.

Ardgillan Castle Demesne, between Balbriggan and Skerries, Co. Dublin.

Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillan Castle is the first map produced by Fingal Orienteers. The map consists of mainly open parkland with some mature wooded areas sloping down to the coast from the park entrance and car park. The castle is in the center of the park, with tea rooms, a rose garden, and walled traditional garden beside it. The map was surveyed over some years, 1991-1994, by Pat Healy, and some current and ex-club members including Jean O'Neill, Frank Flood, and Damien Kelley and was drawn by Pat Healy. It has been redrawn on OCAD by Tommy Burke.

Saint Anne's Park, Raheny/Clontarf, Dublin.

St Anne's map

This is a large park on Dublin's Northside between Clontarf and Raheny. It was formerly the demesne of Ardilaun House, home of one of the Guinness families. It was given over to Dublin Corporation and the house has long since been demolished. It contains football pitches, a rose garden, a walled garden, a pitch-and-put course, a playground, a recycling centre, and a recently planted arboretum. Although most of the park is flat there are some intricate contour sections in the mature wooded areas as well as some fake greek ruins and other interesting features from when it was a private garden. The park was originally mapped by Ajax, Eoin Rothery and John Ryan, in 1984. We have resurveyed and redrawn it in OCAD and have agreed a sharing arrangement with Ajax.

Newbridge House Demesne, Donabate, Co. Dublin.

Newbridge House

This park was first mapped by GEN in 1986. We have bought the remaining copies of the map and the copyright from them. It has been redrawn in Ocad and partially resurveyed by Doug Corrie. It has been further updated by Val Jones and Fiach O'Rourke. The House was the former residence of the COI archbishop of Dublin. The house is open to the public for tours. There is also a traditional farm open to the public, a tea rooms, a children's playground, a wildlife sanctuary, some football pitches and some nice walks through the demesne.

Howth Summit, Co. Dublin.


This was surveyed and drawn by Val Jones in 2003, and has been used for a number of local events. The area covered includes Shielmartin hill, Ben of Howth, and the wooded area around Muck Rock. The area is mostly rough open with lots of contour detail and rock features, lots of paths, some mature wooded area, and also areas of rhodadendron, gorse, and brambles.

Carnawaddy Mountain, Co. Louth.

Carnawaddy Photogrametry Carnawaddy map

This is a large area near Dundalk, extending south east from the old ECO map of Ravensdale and just touching the west tip of Carlingford at the Windy Gap. The map was first used for the Leinster Championships in 2005. The area was surveyed by Pádraig Higgins and Val Jones. The area is mostly open mountain, similar to Rockmarshal, not as rocky and steep as Carlingford. The pictures show an example of photogrametry compared to the final map. The photogrametry covers about three time the area of the map produced for LOC 2005. We may extend it in future.

Littlewood, Slane, Co. Meath.


This is a small wood just north of Slane, Co. Meath. It is currently being surveyed by Tommy Burke. It is mostly mature runnable forest with some paths and rides. It is suitable for local and Come-and-Try-it events, and perhaps Night-O events. Unfortunately it is a bit too small for a full Leinster League event.

Ward River Valley Park, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Ward River Valley Park

This is a small linear park in Swords. It is mostly open with some contour detail. Jean O'Neill surveyed the streets surrounding the park, while Mick Kellett surveyed the park and the wooded area west of the park.

Rockmarshal, Co. Louth.

Rockmarshal map

This area was originally by ECO. It was first used for an Irish Championships more than 20 years ago, and was used for the Irish Relay Championships in 1989. However since ECO have disbanded we have held a few events there. We have also redrawn the map in Ocad. It is quite a small area but nevertheless contains some very intricate contour detail in the open section. Unfortunately the forest is pretty much unusable being mostly young trees, mature forest full of brambles, or felled areas also full of brambles. We have generally been complimented when we have run events there so we may resurvey it some time in the future.

Malahide Castle Demesne, Co. Dublin.

malahide map

We have come to an agreement with UCDO to share the Malahide Map. It has been updated by Val Jones and John Craddock of UCDO. It is similar to our other parks in North Dublin. It is mostly open parkland with a playground, football pitches, a golf course, tennis courts and a cricket ground. It also has some mature woodland sections. Malahide castle is in the middle of the Demesne, along with formal gardens a craft centre and a model railway exhibition

Deerpark, Virginia, Co. Cavan.

Deerpark map

This area was surveyed and drawn by Pádraig Higgins for an army event. We have bought the Ocad file and the copyright from him, updated it and used it for a Leinster League event in 2006. The map covers a small but intricate wood behind the Deerpark Hotel on the shore of Lough Ramor.

Santry Woods, Dublin.


This map was surveyed and drawn by Tommy Burke in 2006. It includes Morton Stadium, Santry and a new Fingal County Council park surrounding the stadium. It has been used for our September scatter league, Sprint events, and for schools events.

Rossmore Forest Park, Co. Monaghan.


This is a very nice mixed forest just off the N54 Monaghan to Clones road, near Monaghan Town. It was first surveyed by Pat Healy in the late 70s, then by Ted Russell and ECO back in 1985. It was mainly been used for army events. Padraig Higgins, Val Jones, and Tommy Burke resurveyed it in 2007 and 2008 for the very succesful 2009 Leinster Championships.

Castletown House, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

Castletown House

This is a Demesne with open parkland and some mixed wooded sections, similar to Newbridge House. It was surveyed by Val Jones and Tommy Burke in the summer of 2007. It is near Celbridge, Co Kildare, and stretches from the M4 south to the river Liffey. The Hewlett Packard plant is to the east, with Celbridge town to the west. The house is the most spectacular of Ireland's 18th century Georgian mansions. Built between 1719 and 1725, the house was designed by an Italian architect, Alessandro Galilei, and the building was intended to reflect the power and wealth of the owner, William Conolly. He had risen from humble beginnings in Donegal to become Speaker of the House of Commons. The house is now owned by the state under the management of the OPW. It is open for guided tours.

Hill of Tara, Co. Meath.

Tara map

Yes, that hill of Tara! No need to say any more about it's history!. Tommy has mapped it and Kathryn has already had an event for cubs there. One of the conditions imposed by the OPW was that controls had to be hung from fences or trees. Because it's a national monument nothing could be pushed into the ground. It's a small area but apart from the main hill there are some small woods. We have held a night event here also in 2009.

Balrath, Co. Meath.

balrath map

Another small wood in Co. Meath. mapped by Tommy. It's near Kentstown, just off the N2 between Ashbourne and Slane. We have used it for a sprint event in 2008

Dalgan Park, Navan, Co. Meath.

balrath map

Dalgan park, near Navan, Co. Meath, mapped by Tommy. A park south of Navan town on the banks of the river Boyne, and on the N3.

Derrycassin Wood, Co. Longford.


Derrycassin is a small wood near Granard, Co. Longford. It is planned to survey it over the summer of 2009. The wood is on the shores of Lough Gowna, the source of the River Erne. It is mostly coniferous with some deciduous sections. Several walks are laid out in the wood. It also contains the ruins of Derrycassin House, an older ring fort, and a distinctive esker ridge. The wood is a bit small for a championship event but should be suitable for league events. It is not far from Mullaghmeen so perhaps a multi-day joint event with Setanta might be a possibility.

Trim Castle, Trim, Co. Meath.

Trim castle grounds, and a linear park along the Boyne river has been mapped by Tommy. John Rowe has already held an event for the juniors in Trim Athletics Club there.

Battle Of The Boyne site, Oldbridge, Co. Meath.

Tommy continues to produce maps in Co. Meath and one of his next projects is the Battle Of The Boyne site, at Oldbridge, west of Drogheda.

Cahore South Beach, Co. Wexford.

Cahore South beach

Cahore South beach is complete and ready for the 2013 Leinster Championships. This is a beach in North Wexford, about 4 K long and about 700M at it's widest. It is similar to Bull Island but with bigger dunes in some places and less obvious paths. We have got LIDAR data for this coutesy of Pat Healy and OSI, and a grant from the Sports Council. This gives us excellant contour details of the sanddunes, and with a combination of this and GPS the surveying went well.

CastleMorris, Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny.

Castlemorris in Spring

The main 2012 mapping project, being completed by Val and Tommy. This is a mixed wood in South Kilkenny that was the Casltlemorris Demesne. There is very little evidence left of Castlemorris house, but there's a very nice gatehouse at the main entrance. There is also an old abbey and round tower in the north east corner. The wood itself is a complete mix of mature and young trees both coniferous and decidous. A variety of wildlife in the wood includes red squirrels and pine martins. The map will be used for a league event in November 2012. It will be shared with Waterford Orienteers. Castlemorris is very accessible from Dublin and the south. It is near Knocktopher, just off the M9.

Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Blanchardstown is a sprint map that includes Tolka valley park and surrounding estates of Corduff, Edgewood, and Waterville, and Blanchardstown Hospital and the National Aquatic Center. The map was produced for us by Laurence Quinn of GEN and used for scatter events and and a night event. Jean also used it for a sprint event for a visiting party of Swedish Orienteers.

Applewood, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Applewood is a sprint map of Applewood and other housing estates on the north of Swords. The map was produced entirely by Roy Harford, and was well received at scatter events and summer evening sprint events.

Tyrrelstown, Co. Dublin.

Tyrrelstown is another sprint map of Tyrrelstown, a new town north west of Blanchardstown. The area is an intricate mix of houses and apartments with open ground in between, and a small wooded section. The map was produced by Val Jones and used for a summer evening sprint event.

Fr Collins Park, Donaghmede, Dublin.

Fr Collins Park is another sprint map of Father Collins park and surrounding estates and apartment complexes. The map was produced by Val Jones and used for scatter events.

Skerries, Co. Dublin.

A sprint map of Skerries town, including the estates, and the open areas around Skerries Mills. The map was produced by Roy Harford and Ciaran Young and used for a scatter event.

ALSAA Sports Comples, Dublin Airport.

ALSAA is a map of the ALSAA sports Complex at Dublin Airport. It includes the Football, Rugby, and Hockey pitches, pitch and put course, tennis courts, and running track. The map was produced by Tommy, and used for a night event.