Leinster Orienteering Championships 2013

Cahore South Beach, Wexford, 14th April 2013.

Cahore Dunes
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Planner - Dave Richardson

Firstly thank you to Mick Mangen of Setanta for his help and guidance as Controller, to Tommy Burke for Organising and To Val Jones for the excellent map and help with OCAD.


The course lengths and class combinations were calculated using the IOA guide lines for Championship courses and the winning times from a range of Irish sand dune area events. The 32 classes were combined into 11 courses. I decided not to offer M and W 21E classes as the M21E projected course length of 17.5K would not have been practical on the narrow sand dune area. Of the 32 classes the winning times of 40 % (13) were within the IOA guidelines for Championships. 60% (19) were within the guidelines +/- 10%. 19 of the classes had 4 or less competitors.

The area has many tracks and is split by a small river flowing out into the sea. The low dunes of the southern end of the area have intricate contour detail but unfortunately most are of insufficient depth to place controls that could not be seen from some distance. This made planning courses of the required technical difficulty tricky. Some of the comments I received following the event were questioning the technical difficulty of some controls. I accept this although I believe the courses and control sites were as Technical as possible given the available terrain.

The Event

The event went well from a planners point of view with no hiccups. Decent weather and Anyta and Gabs catering ensured people stayed around the finish area until Prizegiving. Most comments received were favourable. A couple less so, see comments above. The land owners were very helpful to us and allowed us access to a field for parking and offered an alternate if it became waterlogged. Thank you again to all the helpers who made it another well run Fingal event.

Dave Richardson

LOC 13 Planner.


Controller - Mick Mangan