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Fingal Orienteers is an Orienteering club based in North Dublin, with members also based in Co. Meath and Co. Louth. Membership is open to everyone. For further details of the club, see the Club Info page.

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carnawaddy carnawaddy

Planner Tommy Burke and Organiser Bernie Sharkey.

Thanks to all who came to the Leinster Championships at Carnawaddy. The event went off smoothly, the weather was a bit wet and windy but thankfully nothing like LOC 2005. Thanks to Shane Lynch who Controlled and Neil Dobbs assisting him. Thanks to all Fingal members who helped out, Alex, Per, Ian, Sarah, Ciaran and the Young family, Kathryn and the Kearns boys, Jean, Val, Dave, Gabrielle, Nicola, and Alan. Congratulations to all prize winners, including the following Fingal members.
Liam O'Donnell 1st M12, Eoin O'Donnell 3rd M14, Donal Kearns 1st M21S, Ciaran Kearns 2nd M21S, Sean Kearns 3rd M21S, Svetlana Gatova 3rd W45, Gabrielle King 1st W45S, Jean O'Neill 1st W75.

See the Live Results page on the LOC 2020/21 site for a full list of prize winners

We will have the prizes at the NIOC Championships on the 16th October. If you are not going to be there your prize should be collected by a member of your club.

Some photos are here


All set for the 2020/2021 Leinster Championships on Sunday. See final details and start lists on the LOC 2020/21 page.

Leinster 2020/21 Championships Orienteering

Per, Ian, Val

<- Controller, Organiser, and Planner, Per, Ian, and Val, of Fauna event

The main comment from yesterday's event at Fauna was Great to be back orienteering in a good forest. Thanks to everyone for their help yesterday. The event went smoothly and to the usual FinO high standard. By all accounts it was well received. The weather was nice and mild, the forest was mostly dry underfoot although it was tough running in places due to the brashings and debris left from thinning. We had a really good attendance of over 140. There was a last minute rush of entries before the deadline on Friday night, which meant we had to print extra maps ourselves in addition to the order from ProntoPrint. Online entry certainly makes things easier on the day, hopefully it will continue to be the norm.

Results are here on Please upload or enter your route on the routegadget page.

Some photos are here.


Good News

Our League event in Donard - Fauna is going ahead on September 5th. It will be the first Leinster League event of 2021. The regular league courses will be available, details are as follows:

Yellow - 2.3 K, 50 M climb
Orange - 2.8 K, 85 M climb
Light Green - 3.1 K, 65 M climb
Red - 4.0 K, 165 M climb
Green - 4.6 K, 170 M climb
Blue - 5.5 K, 255 M climb
Brown - 6.9 K, 325 M climb

There will be no loose control descriptions available at the event. Control descriptions will be on the front of the maps. You may also select here to download and print descriptions. Click to open.

Yellow Descriptions
Orange Descriptions
Red Descriptions
Light Green Descriptions
Green Descriptions
Blue Descriptions
Brown Descriptions

There is no short green course this time but the light green is quite technical. There has been some clear felling since the last event 2 years ago, but some other areas that were green have been thinned and surveyed. There are still plenty of nice white sections.

Entry and payment must be made online through the Irish Orienteering website. Select here to enter on and see map of event location.

Please enter as soon as you can as we need to order printing of the maps. Entries will close at midnight, Friday, Sept 3rd.

Tagging Control Sites

<- Tagging Control Sites

Parking will be in the forest. Entry will be on the west side of the forest, not the same entrance as last time. Keep right at the Y junction about 500 meters south of Donard village. The forest entrance is on the left about another 1 K further on. Please park sensibly and as directed.

Unfortunately we will not be providing any teas, coffees, or biscuits, so please bring your own refreshments. Please observe social distancing guidelines and please don't congregate at the Start, Finish, or Download.


Thanks to all who came to our event in Balbriggan on a lovely evening. More than 60 people ran around the complex urban area of west Balbriggan. Many got confused in the small streets among the apartments and townhouses.
Thanks to Ciaran for planning and organising almost everything.
The only negative was 2 SI control boxes were stolen. Whoever did it went to a lot of trouble to break them off the wire. You have to wonder what they thought they were going to do with them. They cost us a significant amount but they are not much use for anything other than orienteering.

Some more photos are here.

Results including route gadget are here.


Balbriggan, Tuesday Evening, July 13th.
The next Fingal event will be an urban event in Balbriggan, on Tuesday evening July 13th. The plan is to use real controls, not just a Maprun event. Registration is online due to Covid restrictions, pre-registration will be required. Enter on Start location is at Flemington Communiity Centre. There will be 3 courses, Long 6K, Medium 4K, and Short 2K. Entries will open at 11AM on July 5th and close at 6PM on July 11th. Starts are from 6PM until 7.30PM. Apologies but there is no entry on the day and no cash will be taken at the event.

The postponed Donard Fauna Leinster League event is now scheduled for Sunday, September 5th.

We decided not to run the usual Fingal September scatter league events this year, due to various factors such as mass start not being feasible, the need for online registration, and continuing uncertainties.

The Leinster Championships are scheduled to take place on October 3rd.

New County Monaghan Maprun courses.

See the Maprun Page.


MapRun in Carrickmacross.
We had a good MapRun in Carrickmacross on Sunday morning. It's a nice town with some interesting old buildings. Quite hilly too for running. Several club members as well as some locals took part. We also had MapRuns the previous Sundays in Rush and Balbriggan. It's a great way to get together for informal events and training. Thanks to Eileen and Dave for the maps and setting them up. Eileen is planning to have maps of 5 towns in Monaghan, more new terrain to look forward to.

Paul Pruzina Lusk

Lusk Sprint Selection race.
We ran a sprint selection race for the elite orienteers on Sunday May 23rd. The race was to select the team to travel to the world championships in Czechia (Czech Republic). Val Jones planned, Dave Richardson controlled, and Ciaran Young organised. Although it was a windy wet day, the runners seemed to enjoy the fast sprint through the winding roads of the estate in Lusk. Mens winner was Paul Pruzina, LVO, pictured, and Niamh O'Boyle won the girls race.

Thanks to all others who helped out.

Sprint Selection results


More Photos on Irish Orienteering Facebook


Important Notice. Leinster Orienteering Championships.
The Leinster Championships have provisionally been set again for Sunday October 3rd, 2021. Hopefully after 3 postponements it will go ahead this time.

Apologies to all who had entered. The Leinster Orienteering Championships 2020 will be LOC 2021! Some participants may find that they will need to change class, but we will deal with that nearer to the time. All entries will stand for the event, and participants who have received refunds and who wish to reenter, please email Alex. As the limit of 200 participants has been reached entries will remain closed for the moment.

Leinster 2020/21 Championships Orienteering

Bayside MaprunF

Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully 2021 will turn out better than 2020. For the moment there are no scheduled orienteering events due. However club members have been meeting in small groups to do MapRunF courses. For club members, keep in touch through the club WhatsApp group to get details of new MaprunF courses. You can also continue to do the existing courses, available on the MaprunF Page

Bayside MaprunF

Unfortunately our League event due to take place in Donard - Fauna on Nov 1st 2020 had to be cancelled. Even if the lockdown was lifted there would not be enough time to check out the courses. It now scheduled for September 5th.

In the meantime many MaprunF courses are available in North Dublin which you can run in your own time. Check out the available courses on our MaprunF Page