Fingal Orienteering Club Child Protection

Fingal Orienteers Risk Assessment and Child Safeguarding Statement (CSS).

 In order to create a culture of safety which promotes the welfare and protection of children, organizations working with children and young people are required to carry out a risk assessment of harm and produce a Child Safeguarding Statement.

As stated in the Children First Act 2015 (ROI) the risk assessment is a legal requirement that must be undertaken by the providers of relevant services* who engage in sporting activities with children and young people in Ireland.

The Children First Act 2015 (ROI) requires organizations in Ireland that are providers of relevant services* to prepare a Child Safeguarding Statement. This is good practice and funding requirement for all sporting organizations throughout Ireland.

*Children First Act 2015.  SCHEDULE 1 Section 2 (5) Any work or activity which consists of the provision of— (a) educational, research, training, cultural, recreational, leisure, social or physical activities to children …

See Children First Act 2015

Earlier this year Sport Ireland launched ‘Sport Ireland Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport’. This explains in detail the obligations and responsibilities that organisations and their clubs have with regard to safeguarding children and I would recommend that as many members of Fingal Orienteers as possible should read it.

You can download the  Sport Ireland Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport  with the following link.

 Fingal Orienteers Child Safeguarding Statement (CSS)

Fingal Orienteers provides various sporting activities and opportunities for young people through participation in clubs, regional/provincial events and through our national teams. 

Fingal Orienteers is committed to safeguarding children and by working under the guidance of our NGB Safeguarding Policies our  volunteers, working with our young people, throughout the organization, seek to create a safe environment for young people to grow and develop within sport. The following set of principles should be adhered to: 

Gabrielle King, Childrens Officer

Kathryn Walley, Childrens Liason Officer

Ian Murphy, Chairman

Tommy Burke, Secretary