Leinster Orienteering Championships 2020


Provisional Course Information

No. Classes Km
1 M21E 11.00
2 M18E M20E W21E 8.00
3 W18E W20E 5.00
4 M35 M40 M45 7.50
5 M50 6.00
6 M16 W35 5.00
7 M55 M60 W16
W40 M21S
8 M65 M70 W45
W50 W55 W60
W65 M45S
9 W21S 3.80
10 M75 M80 M85
W70 W45S
11 W75 W80 W85 2.00
12 M14 W14 Lt. Green 2.80
13 M12 W12 2.50
14 M10 W10 Yellow 2.00


Sport Ident will be in operation, but the controls will not be SI Air-enabled. Controls will be mounted on stakes. All courses will use conventional SI cards. If you don’t have an SI card, there will be a €2 rental charge to rent one. A fee will apply if SI cards are lost or broken.


This is a pre-entry event, using the Fabian 4 website to which there is a link here. There will be two non-championship courses available; yellow and light green.

The entry fees for LOC 2020 are as follows:

Adult: €16
Junior: €8
Student/Over-65/Unwaged: €13
Family: €42

A family entry consists of two adults and any number of related children.
Entries will close at midnight on Friday September 11th, 2020 (two weeks before the event)

NO Entry on the day courses

Light Green and Yellow courses:

Adults: €8
Junior/ student/ over-65/ unwaged: €5


Planner: Tommy Burke (Fingal Orienteers)
Controller: Shane Lynch (Cork Orienteering Club)
Organiser: Bernie Sharkey (Fingal Orienteers)