Navan - MapRunF Phone Orienteering

Use your phone to orienteer at any time around Navan North.

2 courses are available, a Medium, and a Long.

You may download and print the pdf file of the course. There are no flags at the control sites, your phone will beep when you are within 10 metres of the control site.

The MapRunF phone app may be used on the course. You can run the courses just using the map, but there's no confirmation that you are at a control.

MapRunF Instructions:

At home. The following is best done at home.
1. Print the Map from the links below. If no printer the map will be loaded on your phone on the App.
2. Download the 'Maprun F' app on your phone, then open it.
3. Put your name or family name and details in "Name"
4. If you live near Navan select 'Events Near Me'
--- or
Select Event - Ireland - Meath. You will see all Meath Events.
5. Select Nava Medium, or Navan Long Course.
It may take a little time to download the course. The screen then jumps back to main screen.

You can now head to the start, St. Olivers School .

St Olivers School

6. The start is at the gate in front of St Olivers School, in this photo.
7. Hit the "Go to Start" button on MaprunF. It will beep once you are near the start location i.e. the triangle on the map.
8. You then follow the course in order i.e. control 1, 2, 3 .......Finish. The phone will beep when you get to each control. The map is on both the phone and the print. Don't forget to finish. If you pass another control the phone should beep but ignore the control till later.

Be careful not to run close to the Start/Finish point before registering the other points when using MapRunF.

Also be aware that the GPS on the phone may be affected by tree cover.

The app shows the orienteering map overlaid on Google aerial view.

Hope you enjoy.

There is a Medium course and a Long course. The start for both is at the Gate of St. Olivers School, near Blackcastle Shopping Centre, Grid reference N 873 689


Medium Course.

This course is 3K and is suitable for beginners. It is based around the streets of North Navan, north of the Boyne and Blackwater rivers. It includes 10 control points as well as the start/finish. The start/finish is the Gate of St. Olivers School.

Click here to open the pdf file, then print.


Long Course.

This course is 4.1K. It is for more experienced orienteers/runners. It is also based around the streets of North Navan It includes 20 control points. The start/finish is the Gate of St. Olivers School.

Click here to open the pdf file, then print.