Newbridge House - Lockdown Orienteering

Something to do until regular orienteering resumes.

2 courses are here, a Short and a Long.

You may only do these courses if you live in County Dublin. You should run the course on your own or with a member of your household, and stay at least 2 meters away from anyone else in the park.

You may download and print the pdf file of the course. There are no flags at the control sites, but photos of the control sites are included here for you to conirm you are at the location.

The MapRunF phone app may be used on the course.

MapRunF Instructions:

At home. The following is best done at home.
1. Print the Map from the links below. If no printer the map can be loaded on your phone.
2. Download the 'Maprun F' app on your phone, then open it.
3. Put your name or family name and details in on "Name"
4. If you live near Donabate select 'Events Near Me'
--- or
Select Event - Ireland - Dublin. You will see all Dublin Events.
5. Select Donabate, Short Coures, or Long Course. (Long Course only for experienced orienteers)
It may take a little time to download the course. The screen then jumps back to main screen.

You can now head to Newbridge House. (Donabate exit off M1, head towards Donabate, follow signs.)

6. The start is the triangle and is the map board at the car park entrance.
7. Hit the "Go to Start" button on MaprunF. It will beep once you are near the start location i.e. the triangle on the map.
8. You then follow the course in order i.e. control 1, 2, 3 .......Finish. The phone will beep when you get to each control. The map is on both the phone and the print out. Don't forget to finish. If you pass another control the phone should beep but ignore the control till later.

Be careful not to run close to the Start/Finish point before before registering the other points when using MapRunF.

Also be aware that the GPS on the phone may be affected by tree cover and may not beep when you are at the control site. This particularly affects some of the controls on the long course. You can verify the control sites from the photos below,

The app shows the orienteering map overlaid on Google aerial view.

Hope you enjoy them. Email your time to or and we will post it here.

Short Course.

This course is 2.2K and is suitable for juniors and relative beginners. It includes 8 control points as well as the start/finish. The start/finish is at the map board at the car park entrance.

Click here to open the pdf file, then print.

Photos of control sites.

1 - Lion2 - Ruin
3 - Gate4 - Distinct Tree
5 - Ice House6 - Building
7 - Hill top8 - Seat



Long Course.

This course is 5K. It is for experienced orienteers only. It includes 13 control points some are in dense wooded sections. Full body cover and gaiters recommended. The start/finish is also at the map board at the car park entrance.

Click here to open the pdf file, then print.

Photos of control sites.

1 2
3 4