Virginia League Event November 23rd, 2014

Contollers Report

Dave Richardson

Event organisation.

The event went off well with only a couple of negative issues arising. The weather was kind to us after a week of heavy rain. The day was sunny but cold. We had problems with parking when members of the rugby club did not accept that we had permission to use their car park. The undergrowth green screen on the printed map was brown and black in places. It was nice to see a lot of local scouts and families. Hopefully some of them will venture out to future events.


Tommys courses were well received by all. They made good use of the area. A lot of competitors commented that they enjoyed the area and we should use it again. Apart from the yellow course all the other courses finish times were longer than the guidelines however I still feel the course lengths were reasonable. Deerpark is a nice area, some corrections were made before the event and I believe the map still has potential to be improved further.

Lessons learnt.

Get permissions in writing (Or at least a name to quote) to avoid arguments. Was the printing problem caused by using Purple pen? We need to tell competitors if the 2nd map is on the reverse of the 1st at a map exchange, 2 competitors came back to the finish looking for a 2nd map. The time correction for this delayed publication of the results.